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Patch 8.1 PTR Build 28151 – New Model Gelbin Mekkatorque

Gelbin Mekkatorque received a new model this build! Likely to be used in his encounter for the Horde part of Battle of Dazar’alor. Encounter Journal Details High Tinker Mekkatorque Normal Heroic Mythic Raid Finder Overview Tanks: Hide from your allies when [Gigavolt Charge] is about to expire.Seek out and hijack Stun Bots when affected by [Shrunken]. Await instructions from your allies before inputting a shutdown code! Healers: Continue reading »

Patch 8.1 PTR Build 28151 – Blood Elf Heritage Armor

The Blood Elf Heritage Armor is finally released in build 28151! If you’re curious about how to obtain this armor, you need a Blood Elf leveled to 120 who is also exalted with Silvermoon City! Click here to check the Blood Elf Heritage Armor Questline. The female version is currently being processed and will be updated on this post soon! This set resembles the Blood Elf Spellbreaker unit, seen in Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne. Continue reading »

Patch 8.1 PTR Build 28151 – New Icons Raid, Warfronts and Blood Elf Heritage Armor

This build added only a few icons, including icons for the Blood Elf Heritage Armor, Warfronts, Baby Raptors, and more! Blood Elf Heritage Armor Baby Raptors Mounts Warfronts Battle for Dazar’alor Gear Icons Other Icons Continue reading »

Patch 8.1 PTR Build 28151 – New Baby Raptors

New models uncovered in 8.1 PTR, build 28151, include adorable new baby raptors! Those have the same general appearance as past raptor battle pets such as Zandalari Anklerender and Razzashi Hatchling, so we can assume those are new battle pets coming in 8.1! Continue reading »

Patch 8.1 PTR Build 28151 – New Mounts Nightsabers, Chimaera, Kodos and More

New mounts were added in this build, including the Kaldorei Nightsaber, which is likely the model below. This mount is a drop from Shadowclaw, located in Darkshore. NEW   Summons and dismisses an Ashenvale Chimaera. This mount changes depending on your Riding skill and location. NEW   Summons and dismisses Blackpaw. NEW   Summons and dismisses a Blue Marsh Hopper. NEW   Summons and dismisses a rideable Frightened Kodo. Continue reading »