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Mage Tier 20 Armor – Regalia of the Arcane Tempest

With the Tomb of Sargeras raid opening in late June, we’re revisiting the Tier 20 armor sets with in-depth previews! Since our first round of Tier 20 armor previews, Blizzard has updated some visual details and we’ve set up transmog set and modelviewer pages on Wowhead. Today we are previewing the Mage Tier 20 set, Regalia of the Arcane Tempest, an updated version of ! Keep track of all the Tier 20 armor sets and their bonuses on our Tier 20 armor overview and Transmog Set Database. Continue reading »

Legendary Rings, Healing Items, and Upgrades in Patch 7.2.5

Patch 7.2.5 adds new legendary rings for all classes which grant the effect of a particular talent, new legendaries for all healers, and a quest to upgrade existing legendaries to ilvl 970. Here’s our recap of everything coming to legendaries in the new patch. Learn more about legendaries in the Guide to Legion Legendaries. Death Knight Soul of the Deathlord Gain one of the following talents based on your specialization: Blood: Foul BulwarkFrost: Gathering StormUnholy: Continue reading »

[US] Tab targeting is still broken

It has been 97 days since Legion has dropped and tab targeting is still just as broken, if not worse, than it was when Legion hit. We can argue that tab targeting has been broken since WotLK or Cata but it still worked, for the most part, prett…

Wowhead Weekly #120 and Week in Review

Catch up on the recent week in WoW News – 7.2.5 Chromie Scenario, Destiny 2 on Battle.net, giftable Wowhead Premium and more in our weekly recap. Wowhead Weekly is a World of Warcraft podcast with Wowhead Site Manager Perculia and Video Manager TradeChat where all the recent Blizzard news and Wowhead developments are discussed. You can subscribe to our YouTube Channel to see every episode. We also livestream each episode Friday afternoons, starting at 6pm EST, on twitch.tv/wowhead. Continue reading »

Mage Tower Artifact Challenge Guides for All Specs

The Mage Tower is back up on NA realms from May 19th through 22nd, opening up the spec-specific challenges for A Challenging Look. The Mage Tower buff up for this rotation is Knowledgeable, which grants a chance at bonus Artifact Power in Dungeons and Raids – great for Nighthold or Mythic+. Today we are excited to announce that we have a complete set of thirty-six guides for all Artifact Challenges. Continue reading »

[GB] The best/worst NPC phrases in game?

Just a fun thread about the best and worst NPC phrases you hear when you click on them…Most annoying one IMO is : “*sniffs* I have many, many wares!” … when you click on the repair grummle on the travelling mount.My top favourite is: “Ey, t…

News: World bosses are now tag and loot! No more waiting for that celestial group just wait for the fight to begin and throw your best at it.
Event News: The guild managed to down its first T16 Normal bosses! Big gratz to all involved!! Arapalybella, Dumbknuts, Jugzie, Magebanez, Moonback, Morphi, Vallara
Member News: A big gratz to our new level 90’s!! Shanith, Grandiose


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