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Broadcast Text for 26287 – How the Mag’har Orcs Join the Horde

Battle for Azeroth build 26287 added dialogue explaining how the Mag’har Orc Allied Race joins the Horde. Story spoilers. This Allied Race comes from alternate-universe Draenor and is comprised of all the races from Warlords of Draenor working together. Learn more about the Mag’har Orc Allied Race: Continue reading »

Blood Elf Customization – Golden Eyes and Three New Faces

Battle for Azeroth 26287 adds three new Blood Elf faces and golden glowing eyes, possibly used for extra Blood Elf player customization. We aren’t sure how these options will be unlocked – just on NPCs? High Elf customization option? Something special for Blood Elf Paladins? Lady Liadrin in Hearthstone has glowing eyes so perhaps she’ll get an update in WoW. Continue reading »

Boralus Alliance Hub Updates in 26287 – Proudmoore Academy, Horde Prisoners

The Alliance Hub of Boralus has received another round of visual updates in Build 26287, including Horde prisoners held captive by Proudmoore forces and the addition of the Proudmoore Naval Academy next to the Keep. If you want to learn more about Boralus and see how it’s visually evolved through the alpha, check out our initial preview, updated preview from 26175 which added the marketplace, and updated preview from 26131 which added people and boats. Continue reading »

Uldir Raid Mail Armor Models

We have our first look at armor from the Uldir raid – the mail set. These sets are not class-specific, so they can be used by Hunters and Shaman. As a reminder, Blizzard is moving away from traditional tier in Battle for Azeroth. There will be no class-specific tier bonuses or class-themed armor sets per raid. Instead there will be armor sets reflecting the lore and story of each zone. More details in this post. Uldir, Halls of Control is a titan facility found in Nazmir, Zandalar. Continue reading »

Battle for Azeroth Build 26287 – Class and Ability Changes

We’re continuing out Build 26287 coverage with class and ability changes. Be sure to check out our main datamining post and new weapon and creature models for this build. Enchanting has gained 3 Hearthstone enchants while in Kul Tiras or Zandalar. NEW   Permanantly enchants bracers to reduce the cooldown of your hearthstone by 5 minutes while in Kul Tiras or Zandalar. Continue reading »