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Battle for Azeroth 26707 – Voice Over Audio for Important Characters

Battle for Azeroth build 26707 added many voice over files for important lore figures in the expansion. We’ve previously highlighted many of their phrases through datamined broadcast text, and now we can hear the emotion put into all of the lines. Spoilers in the audio. You can read how all of these phrases fit in chronologically in our Battle for Azeroth Lore Story Overview. Continue reading »

Alliance War Campaign Part 5: Blood in the Water (Spoilers)

The Alliance War Campaign continues on the Battle for Azeroth Beta once you reach certain levels of reputation with the 7th Legion faction. Today we’re previewing Blood in the Water step, the fifth part of the Alliance War Campaign. Part 5 continues the storyline that was set up during Part 4: A Golden Opportunity. If you haven’t seen our coverage of the story so far, check out the War Campaign parts: Part 1: Establishing Footholds Part 2: Blood on the Sand Part 3: Continue reading »

[GB] Silinced.

So i just said i was gonna quit the realm i was on due to it’s dead. And the people on there are harrasing and i get the punishment for it here today i just claimed they were kids in adults’s bodys because they cannot act as mature ones and now…

Glowcap Festival Micro-Holiday – Great for Sporeggar Reputation

The Glowcap Festival is the latest micro-holiday, active on May 27th. This is a throwback to the Sporeggar reputation in Zangarmarsh and it’s a great time to earn Sporeggar reputation. Check out the Glowcap Festival database page for some great user tips on how to participate in the event! Event Description: "Today, the sporelings of Sporeggar in Zangarmarsh hold their annual mushroom festival. Help them keep the great Fshoo alive as long as possible! Continue reading »

Proto-Drake Gladiator Mounts – Battle for Azeroth Mount Preview

Today’s Battle for Azeroth mount preview covers Gladiator Proto-Drakes! These are available at the end of each PvP season in Battle for Azeroth and require players to win 50 games in the Gladiator bracket per season. Check out some of the animations below in our video, or click on the "View in Model Viewer" option to preview all available animations. Continue reading »