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Method Reactions to World First G’huun Kill Clips and Nerd Screams

Mythic G’huun was finally killed today by Method! The best part about that is how the community could follow Method directly in these past 8 days, cheering them on as the race unfolded on Twitch. Many of Method’s raiders on the World First kill were live streaming the moment and, in order to celebrate that, we’ve compiled all their kill reactions directly from their Twitch clips! Nerd Screams! Watch G’huun Mythic Uldir WORLD FIRST NERD SCREAMS! Continue reading »

[US] Blue/Green feedback – revved up!

Gonna get flamed by the hate, but here we go:I’ve really been noticing lately all the blue/green posts, and really appreciate the AMA, Live Stream, upcoming PTR. This is what we’ve been asking for, and it’s being delivered. Communication is…

Blizzard Clarification on How ‘Famed Slayer’ Titles from Mythic Raids Work

With Method achieving World First G’huun and Blizzard releasing the Mythic Raid leaderboards, Blizzard went to Twitter to clarify how the title and future ones will work. Basically, the Famed Slayer titles will be available for characters that have the respective Cutting Edge achievement (Cutting Edge: G’huun) and are in a guild that has one of the Hall of Fame achievements ( Hall of Fame: G’huun (Alliance) or Hall of Fame: G’huun (Horde)). Continue reading »

[US] It’s official…Blizzard is hemorrhaging subs

Month after BFA and arguably the worst release of an expansion in Blizzards 14 year history. Almost all twitch and youtube supporters of blizzard are firing away at how the game is failing. supreme lack of communication from Blizzard, no real c…

Battle for Azeroth Mythic Uldir Leaderboards Now Live

At the same time as Method kills Mythic G’huun and obtains the World First Uldir Clear, the official WoW site has released their official Mythic leaderboards! You can access the Mythic Leaderboard by clicking here! Once you enter on the leaderboard hotsite, you can choose to see which faction to look at. And when you click on For the Horde!, you can see Method highlighted as the very first Horde guild in the world to clear Mythic Uldir. Continue reading »