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[GB] Blizzard European Gear Store Grand Opening

[Blue Topic] Please see source post at http://news.blizzard.com/en-gb/news/21796599 for detail….

We’ve Revamped our Guide Homepage

Guides have been a big part of Wowhead for several expansions, so we’re excited to present revamped homepages for all guide topics. If you are a long-time WoW player, we hope you enjoy this new layout, and if you’re coming back to WoW after a long break, we hope you like Wowhead’s guide efforts and growth in the last few years! Guide homepage improvements:Formerly, we had a database-style layout for the guides, highlighting guides in a listview. Continue reading »

Warcraft Cooking IRL: Sarge’s Easy Mac and Cheese, Tauren Tippler, Giveaway

We’re back with the latest article in our cooking series! Every month or so Lulaboo will cook a different Warcraft or Hearthstone Cookbook recipe for Wowhead and add her own chef’s tips. Past highlights include Fel Eggs and Ham, Delicious Chocolate Cake, and Beer Braised Boar Ribs. Today Lulaboo is making Sarge‚Äôs Easy Mac and Cheese and Tauren Tippler. Get your own cookbook on Amazon. Check out past Wowhead cooking shows at this link. Disclaimer: Continue reading »

Outdoor Content in the Updated Arathi Highlands

Arathi Highands was updated in Battle for Azeroth as part of the Warfronts feature. The Alliance and Horde are constantly fighting over control of the zone which offers quests, access to a World Boss and rares that drop toys, mounts and pets. Automatic PvP Flags Arathi Highlands periodically flips due to the Warfronts Feature and while you own the zone, you will have portal access for quick travel. Continue reading »

Siege of Boralus – Battle for Azeroth Beta Dungeon Preview

Today we are previewing Siege of Boralus, one of the two Mythic-only Dungeons in Battle for Azeroth. Siege of Boralus is rep-gated behind the War Campaign for Horde players. Make sure to check out the Dungeon Journal for all of Battle for Azeroth’s dungeons and our other Dungeon Previews: King’s Rest The MOTHERLOAD!! Atal’Dazar Freehold Tol Dagor Waycrest Manor Video Story (Spoilers) Lady Ashvane has unleashed her fury against the capital city’s waning defenses. Continue reading »


WoW Breaking News


Realm restarts will be on Wednesday, 27th June between 05:00 (CEST) and 06:00 (CEST). 15 minutes in-game notice will be given.

Please follow @BlizzardCSEU_EN on Twitter for updates.