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Battle for Azeroth 26871 New Items – Pig Nose, More Plundered Weapons, Island Toys

Wowhead’s database is now updated for Battle for Azeroth build 26871. Item highlights include a Pig Nose consumable, more Plundered Weapons reusing old models with new tints, and toys that drop from Island Expeditions. Click here to see all 190 new items in the BFA database Pig Nose Pig Nose – Put on a pig nose, allowing you to sniff out rare truffles in Stormsong Valley. Consumables Letter from an Admirer – new Trial of Style item, allowing you to get Admirers to cheer you on. Continue reading »

Battle for Azeroth New Spell Animations: Warlock Summons

With the latest Battle for Azeroth Beta Build hitting the test servers, we were able to see that a couple of spell animations were added along with it. More Warlock Spell Animation Revamps on Beta: Green Fire Spells Hand of Gul’dan, Implosion, Bilescourge Bombers Demonbolt, Call Dreadstalkers, Demonic Tyrant Updated effects during BFA Alpha Continuing the Warlock spell animation revamp, Build 26871 added new summon animations for Warlock summons! Continue reading »

Druid Artifact Transmog UI Implemented on Battle for Azeroth

Players have been asking about how the Druid Artifact Transmogs will work going forwards, and in today’s Battle for Azeroth Beta build, we found out how they’re planning on implementing it! While the system doesn’t work quite yet, we aree able to look at the UI. Opening the transmog UI from a Reins of the Grand Expedition Yak or Transmogrifier NPC will show a new tab in the dropdown menu to the right called "Artifact Pair" for Feral and Guardian specs. Continue reading »

Dark Iron Dwarf – Mole Machine Racial now usable on Beta

When the Dark Iron Dwarf racials were first announced, the Mole Machine racial was not implemented. As of build 26871, the Mole Machine has been implemented! The Mole Machine has a 30-minute cooldown, and can be used while outdoors as a portal to Stormwind or Ironforge. What’s also interesting about the Mole Machine is that everyone in your party (or raid) can also use the Mole Machine! However, the Mole Machine will disappear as soon as the Dark Iron Dwarf uses the Mole Machine. Continue reading »

Battle for Azeroth New Feature: Research Options

Build 26871 has added a new feature to the game: Research Options. Research Options resemble Legion’s Order Hall advancements as they provide a tree of options you can select to change your gameplay throughout Battle for Azeroth. From each row, you can select one option and the requirements to unlock them start with levels only and then go to other content like Islands, Warfronts, and reputations. Below you can find the full current options in beta. Continue reading »