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[GB] World server down on one char only

I cant log into my warr for some reason it just says “world sever down” i tried to reconnect and restarting my computer yet i cant eneter the char… i can enter with other char in the same realm tho.. i tried disabling the addons and trying ye…

Experience Required to Level Reduced in 8.1 PTR Build 28366

Experience required to level from 20 to 120 has been reduced in the latest 8.1 PTR build. The biggest reductions come in the level 60 range at 40%, with only small XP reductions in the level 110-120 range. Leveling has been a hot topic since the 7.3.5 changes as well as the stat squish in the Battle for Azeroth prepatch. Back in July, Blizzard explained the challenge in more detail: Continue reading »

Derek Proudmoore Hall of Ritual 8.1 Cutscene (Spoilers)

Derek Proudmoore’s story from the 8.0 Horde War Campaign continues in Patch 8.1. In this post, we have a cutscene from later on in the plot development. Story spoilers. In Patch 8.1, after the loss of the Battle of Dazar’alor, Sylvanas resurrects war hero Derek Proudmoore, vowing to use him to assassinate members of his family: Baine: Sylvanas!Baine: What reason could you possibly have for this madness?!Sylvanas: Derek Proudmoore was a hero to the Kul Tirans.Sylvanas: Continue reading »

Darkshore Warfront Intro Quest Cutscene – Tyrande and Anduin

The latest PTR build added a cutscene from the Darkshore Warfront intro questing. In this cutscene, we see Tyrande ask Anduin for assistance in the Darkshore battle. Minor spoilers. Anduin is hesitant to provide assistance, as the troops are engaged in Zandalar leading up to the Battle of Dazar’alor. Tyrande, disappointed by his reply, leaves to take back Darkshore herself if need be. Continue reading »

[GB] Raid Testing Schedule – November 8th-12th

[Blue Topic] On Thursday, November 8th and Friday, November 9th we will be conducting raid tests of the Mythic Battle of Dazar’alor. After Mythic testing has ended up Friday, we will open Normal bosses 1-6 for both faction. These bosses will remain availab…


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